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121 - #DisneyMustPay & #AudibleGate w/ John Hartness

November 25, 2020 Jesse Adams, Rob Gilmore, & Allie Charlesworth Season 1 Episode 21
Glitchy Pancakes
121 - #DisneyMustPay & #AudibleGate w/ John Hartness
Show Notes

PAY CREATORS. PERIOD. It's a tale as old as time, folks... the House of Mouse has been refusing to pay royalties to the great Alan Dean Foster for his many novelizations of Star Wars (including 1976's Star Wars: A New Hope), Alien, etc. In the entertainment industry, this is what's known as "a d*** move." In other news, Audible (owned by Amazon) is pushing a ridiculous return policy that steals money from the pockets of authors. Fans gotta rise up... to discuss this, we brought in author & publisher John G. Hartness, he of the often-colorful hair and always-colorful language. Listen & learn what we can all do to make the entertainment industry more fair to the people who make the stuff we love.

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