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124 - The "Canon" Episode w/ Jeannette Ng & Dr. Lisa Yaszek

December 23, 2020 Jesse Adams, Rob Gilmore, & Allie Charlesworth Season 1 Episode 24
Glitchy Pancakes
124 - The "Canon" Episode w/ Jeannette Ng & Dr. Lisa Yaszek
Show Notes

Some say there are certain works & authors in SF/F/H that one Must Read in order to appreciate or understand the genres. But with all the amazing new work coming out from new voices around the world, are the so-called "canonical" works even relevant anymore? How can fans navigate the world of speculative fiction in a way that makes it meaningful (and let's not forget FUN) for them? We get into it with two fantastic guests: 2019 Astounding Award winner & author of Under the Pendulum Sun, Jeannette Ng, and Georgia Tech Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies & author of The Future is Female, Dr. Lisa Yaszek. Heads up: there may be some discussion of gross '70s Jell-O molds.

Jeannette Ng: Website and UNDER THE PENDULUM SUN

Dr. Lisa Yaszek:
Website & Amazon author page

Octavia Butler on Devil Girls from Mars:

Hugo Gernsback and Amazing Stories

Lost Transmissions:

Jeanette Ng’s Astounding Award Acceptance Speech:

We Have Always Fought

Big Book of Science Fiction (edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer):

Milton Davis:

Balogun Ojetade:

Margaret Cavendish:

The Last Man by Mary Shelley:

Brian Aldiss on Mary Shelley:

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